Moonee Valley Park – Meet your future Neighbours

News Feb 10, 2020

Meet future residents of Moonee Valley Park, Sam and Amira, and their daughters Monique and Chantelle. Sam and Amira were among the first to purchase one of the premium homes at Feehan Row, the first residential stage at Moonee Valley Park.

Having previously purchased a property with Hamton, Sam and Amira know they are in good hands. Hamton’s commitment to quality, exceptional service and proven ability to create thriving urban communities made their decision to buy again a simple one.

 Sam and Amira can’t wait to settle in at Moonee Valley Park and enjoy a life of convenience. They’re most looking forward to enjoying morning walks, picnics in the park and generally having more quality time available to spend with family. The daily commute has been significantly reduced for both Sam and Amira, with Moonee Valley Park being located a mere 6km’s from Melbourne’s CBD.

 Find out more about Sam and Amira’s journey with Hamton below.