Artist’s impression

A Neighbourhood
Within A Park

Underpinned by a unique botanical vision, Moonee Valley Park is a new premium neighbourhood integrated within expansive parklands

  • Around 50% of the overall site will be dedicated to new botanical green spaces
  • Wellbeing and quality of life is encouraged through an immersion in nature from parklands to bike paths, walking trails to sporting fields and playgrounds to green community spaces
  • The neighbourhood is pedestrian friendly with every convenience located within walking distance
An early sketch of the botanical overlay for the residential precinct of Moonee Valley Park which informed the masterplan.
Cox place floral walk

Seasonal bulbs
and annuals

Grand boulevard

Grand avenue of trees

the western lawn
the aboretum

Pedestrian priority with
a collection of trees

glenara walk

Shady walk with a diverse
collection of trees and variety
of plant species

Stonepine square

Stone Pines, vines on
pergolas and stone paving
(neighbourhood square)

Modern victorian gardens

Feehan Row Homes and Terraces
with walled garden, hedges and
perennial borders

wellness sanctuary
Resident garden

Secret and secluded
with lush green fernery

EnviroDevelopment Certified

EnviroDevelopment is a national sustainability rating tool, offering independent verification of the sustainability outcomes of built environments.
The tool certifies eligible developments across several key elements of environmental sustainability.


All residences at Moonee Valley Park will be fitted with water efficient fixtures rating up to 5 stars. This reduction in water consumption will result in less wasted potable water and lower water bills for residents.


Rainwater harvesting systems will be installed throughout Moonee Valley Park. Rainwater harvested from various roof areas will be stored and reticulated back to landscaping areas reducing the need to use potable water.


Moonee Valley Park will feature a water sensitive landscape design, utilising native plants and drip irrigation to minimise consumption requirements as well as ensuring owners corporation fees remain competitive.


Solar panel systems will be installed on a number of Moonee Valley Park rooftops, offsetting greenhouse gas emissions from common areas shared by residents.


Moonee Valley Park will utilise environmentally friendly heating and cooling, with efficient reverse cycle units and thermally efficient building design. Residents will enjoy reduced cooling costs over summer and manageable heating expenses throughout the winter months.


Energy efficient LED lighting systems will be installed right throughout the individual residences and communal spaces at Moonee Valley Park, creating a comfortable, ambient atmosphere and reducing electricity costs precinct wide.


Residences at Moonee Valley Park will be designed to maximise natural lighting and ventilation, with abundant windows and doors throughout meaning less need for lighting, heating and cooling.


High performance window glazing will ensure optimal thermal comfort for Moonee Valley Park residents, which again reduces the need for the use of heating and cooling.


Rich indoor planting and greenery throughout the Moonee Valley Park common areas will enhance the lifestyle and wellbeing of all residents.


Moonee Valley Park has been carefully designed to encourage sustainable transport options, incorporating walking trails and bike paths throughout the precinct providing convenient access to nearby public transport.


Moonee Valley Park has implemented a comprehensive waste management strategy whereby a targeted 80% of all waste generated on site will be recycled. A plan is also in place to utilise sustainable materials throughout the construction and delivery of Moonee Valley Park.

A Proud History Across 130 Years

Established in 1883, Moonee Valley Racecourse was described as that ‘pretty little course on the slope’. From racing icon to modern-day neighbourhood, Moonee Valley Park builds on the site’s rich racing history that spans over 136 years.


William Samuel Cox leases a farm belonging to John F. Feehan for the purpose of establishing a racetrack.


Moonee Valley Racecourse is established, with the first race held on 15th September, featuring nine horses.


The Cox Plate is inaugurated – later becoming one of the foremost events in international racing history.


Phar Lap, Australia’s most famous racehorse, wins his first Cox Plate.


The first Tote building was erected at a cost of £60,000.


Moonee Valley pioneers the introduction of thoroughbred night racing in Australia.


Moonee Valley Park is launched, defining a brand-new era for Moonee Valley Racecourse.


Opened Tote Park, the first complete amenity within Moonee Valley Park. Commenced build of Feehan Row Homes and Terraces.