Terms & Conditions

*The Developer Grant of up to $20,000 is provided by way of a reduction in the purchase price at settlement. The value of the grant varies between properties and is determined by the Developer in its absolute discretion.  The Developer Grant is payable in addition to any Victorian Government’s First Home Owner Grant which a purchaser may be eligible for.

To be eligible for the Developer Grant:

  • the contract of sale must be signed before 30th September 2022;
  • the property must be purchased through a qualifying retail channel (ask your selling agent if they can offer the Developer Grant); and
  • you must strictly comply with all of your obligations under the contract of sale including paying the deposit on signing and paying the balance of the price at settlement when it is due.

The Developer Grant is only available to the purchaser named in the contract of sale.  If you on-sell the property or nominate an alternative, substitute or additional purchaser under the contract of sale, the Developer Grant is lost.  


The full terms and conditions of the Developer Grant will be set out in the contract of sale.  You should review the contract of sale carefully and seek independent legal advice

^ For more information and eligibility requirements for the First Home Owner Grant and stamp duty concessions please visit https://www.sro.vic.gov.au/first-home-owner